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Malt Shop

Malt Shop
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Malts, Shakes, and Soft Serve Ice Cream
FLAVORS - Choose from ours or mix any two to create your own.
Almond             Butter Pecan         Custard               Malted Milk      Pistachio
Amaretto           Butter Scotch        Eggnog               Mango             Praline
Apple Pie          Cantalope             English Toffee     Maple Walnut  Rum
Banna               Cappuccino           Espresso/Coffee  Marshmellow  Strawberry
Blackberry         Carmel                 German Choc      Mocha             Tutti-fruitti
Black Cherry     Cheesecake          Grape                  Orange            Watermelon
Black Rasberry Chocolate Coconut Irish Creme         Peach              White Choc
Black Walnut    Cotton Candy         Kahlua                Peanut Butter
Blueberry          Cranberry              Kiwi                     Pina Colada
Bubble Gum      Creme de Menthe  Lemon                Pinapple

New flavors are continuously being added to our growing list.