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Hot diggity Dog! Legends is celebrating their second anniversary. “It’s an anniversary we relish.”, says Tom Osten, manager of  Legends Burgers, who serves fresh, made to order, old-fashioned American hamburgers smothered in condiments.If you're going to splurge on calories, then you should splurge on food that really tastes good. Our customers tell us that Legends is a gastronomic pleasure. Eating here requires both hands and at least 4 napkins. Besides our legendary hamburgers, we also offer an “industrial-strength” spicy chicken sandwich, hot dogs for two and much, much more. Although size can be intimidating, most customers love our generous size portions.”


The best roadside diners are colorful places enjoyed by locals (and savvy travelers) for their character as well as their menu. Legends is a family owned and operated roadside diner with a fun, race car themed, atmosphere.  Our kitchen is "organized chaos" during a rush but many customers feel so much at home that we see their faces everyday. We even have one customer who calls in sick if he isn't going to show.  At Legends, we are on a first name basis with many and know the faces and orders of many, many more. Come by and give us the chance to get to know you, but be forewarned: Don't ask for anything not listed on the menu, like a grilled cheese sandwich--or the old guy behind the counter may give you a hard-time before he prepares your special order.

Legends uses a healthy blend of oils that bring out the true flavor of your food with a "melt-in-the-mouth" crisp taste and feel that is not greasy. It's healthy because it's made with 100% vegetable oil (a special combination of corn and conola oil) containing Vitamin E. This means we can serve healthier dishes because our frying oil contains only 10% saturated fats, zero trans fat, and is cholesterol free.